What’s My Body Mass Index – Calculate BMI easily

What’s my Body Mass Index, this is the question most of us have.Let us tell you the easy way to calculate your Body Mass Index.

Body Mass Index tells us about our weight and height ratio.

what's my body mass index

To make you understand easily I will explain this in short “BMI helps us to know whether our weight is healthy with respect to our height”.

If you want to know more about BMI read the post on our home page How to Calculate BMI . So I recommend you to read that fully to understand everything related to Body Mass Index.

Check What’s my body mass index

To know the answer for what’s my body mass index ?. You need to calculate body mass index. BMI is calculatedĀ  with the help of BMI formula.

Therefore the formula for calculating your body mass index is BMI = Weight (kg) / Height2 (m2)

You can also calculate your BMI with our Online BMI Calculator .

Do Enter your weight and height there and check your BMI.

If you don’t have your weight in kg don’t worry we have solution for that. Use BMI Calculator in pounds to calculate bmi in pounds.

Body Mass Index Chart

After calculating your Body mass index you need to compare it with BMI Chart, to know which BMI Category you falls in. So Check below to know from which bmi category you falls.

UnderweightBMI <18.5
Normal Weight18.5 - 24.9
Overweight25 - 29.9
Obese30 - 35
Severely ObeseBMI > 35

If your bmi category falls under overweight or obese don’t worry read our post on homepage, it will tell you how to reduce or increase your bmi. BMI is not applicable to few category people like pregnant women, athlete etc. So check that post before taking any action.


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