BMI Calculator in Pounds

BMI Calculator in pounds

BMI or Body mass Index is a tool or a measurement to know the approx body fat value and BMI Calculator in Pounds helps you to calculate your BMI with your weight in pounds.BMI is a popular and well known method of knowing body fat.

To Calculate your BMI you must know your height and weight.You can use either our BMI Calculator which helps you to calculate BMI with both imperial and metric system.You can also calculate BMI Manually.

How to Calculate BMI in Pounds

To calculate BMI in pounds you need to use imperial formula.Imperial formula is nothing but the BMI formula in Pounds.Use the below formula to calculate BMI manually in Pounds.

BMI Formula in Pounds is

BMI = Weight (lbs)  * 703/ Height2 (inches2)

If you don’t want to use formula use the BMI Calculator in pounds below.It will help you to calculate BMI easily and tells us both BMI and Range.

BMI Calculator in Pounds

Calculate BMI in pounds with these simple steps

  • First know your height in ft and weight in pounds.
  • From the below Calculator Choose Imperial.
  • Select the value of height in ft and in.
  • For example if my height is 5ft 2inches I have two select 5 in ft and 2 in in.
  • Now enter your weight in pounds in weight’s box.
  • Now Click Calculate.
  • You will see your BMI and BMI range.
  • You can check the table below the calculator for BMI Chart.
  • BMI Chart will help you to understand the BMI Range easily.

BMI calculator





UnderweightBMI <18.5
Normal Weight18.5 - 24.9
Overweight25 - 29.9
Obese30 - 35
Severely ObeseBMI > 35

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